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Turku Aikikain harjoitukset jatkuvat normaalilla aikataululla 29.1. alkaen.

Uusi aikidon peruskurssi alkaa tiistaina 15. helmikuuta 2022.

Aikido, Iaido, Kettlebell – come train with us!

Send your inquiries to or call +358 50 0432055 / Ollipekka 

Turku Aikikai was established in 1991. We do not compete, but instead concentrate on spiritual and physical self-improvement through training.

Aikido is a versatile Japanese budo or martial art. Its philosophy is non-competitive and it emphasises respecting other people. Aikido training includes throws, locks and weapon techniques and gives you a chance to face the most difficult of opponents – yourself.

Our head instructor is Petteri Silenius shihan, 7.dan

Keep-fit aikido is suited for everybody, which means that you do not need any previous experience. Keep-fit aikido is aimed at adults who want to do aikido as a physical exercise only. Training sessions emphasise stretching and body control, but aikido techniques are also present. Training sessions on Sundays at 9.30 AM.

Iaido lets you get in touch with samurai sword techniques. Iaido katas, or sequences of movements, consist of drawing the sword, striking the enemy, and returning the sword to its scabbard.

Kettlebell training gives you a versatile full body workout. You will learn the right technique, the right way to breathe, and, of course, you will get fit. See some more information by clicking ”Kahvakuula” on the menu bar.


All training at Turku Aikikai aims at spiritual and physical self-improvement without the pressure of competitions. We have our own training facility Shaolin near the Turku city centre by the Aura River at Linnankatu 61, Turku, Finland. It is easy to get here by bus (number 1 from the city centre towards the harbour), car or bike. More information about the facilities can be found at

Turku Aikikai is an active and versatile club of fitness and martial arts. We have a lot to offer whether you are interested in hard physical exercise or want a more spiritual approach to training. Our instructors have a high level of experience, and for 25 years we have trained many people from basics to black belts. We organize Basics Courses two times a year.


Contact info

Risto Lehto, p. +358 40 554 3954


P. +358 40 823 7633 Minna Oikola, Children class
P. +358 451232925 Juho Koivisto, Iaido,


Practice fees

  • 12 kk    -    280 €
  • 6 kk     -    160 €
  • 3 kk    -     110 €
  • 1 kk     -    60 €
  • You are welcome to visit us and practice with us. If you are visiting Turku Aikikai just for few practices you can practice as our quest.

For longer practising period you can buy our practice card for 10 practices for 80 € or pay our fees from 1 to 12 months as above.